How to redirect non-www requests to the to reduce risk of SEO penalty Numerous posts regarding SEO mention that search engines may punish sites for having 'duplicat content' even if that apperant copy is on your own site. For example a site might be available to both https AND http or http://www AND non-www. Due the magic of the internet this could appear to be two sites with the exact same content. Engines don't like seeing content copied for many of the same reasons that we don't like and often fear copies in the real world. Read more

Okay so I installed Internet Explorer 7 today. Why? Tabs. I cannot stand having 20 browsers open okay? Now first let me explain a few of my positions on the IE and firefox debate. Plenty of people like it one way or the other. NO sweat, I totally understand. I have MS Windows on all of my computers and only a couple of Linux versions available. I am a big fan of MS Office. I believe in using the best tool for the job. That said I abhore having to use Internet Explorer. I won't rant about all of my frustrations but secutity and features are the two biggies. I really love Firefox. Read more

Garland Online
annouced that on April 20, the Nicholson Memorial Library System of
Garland, Texas, (a suburb of Dallas) will become one of the first
libraries in the nation and the first in Texas to offer free downloads
of copy protected movies, TV shows, and educational videos. This Read more

It appears that today Google has finally launched its Calendar
project called CL2, but you wouldn't know that from Google. In fact you
might not know a lot of things about Google because many of its best
services do not receive top SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Just in case google changes its tune, I will later link some screen captures of the SERP for gServices. Here is what I found: Read more

Google Calendar Arrives!

Thu, 04/13/2006 - 12:26

Well it took months of patient waiting but now Googles calendar
(CL2) is here! I hope that after trying it out that it was worth the

Google's calendar includes use of the new AJAX web language, making
the calendar much faster and easier to use that previous offers from
the likes of Yahoo and others. This speed is really noticed when adding
quick events to the main calendar page. Simple clicking on the event
day produces a nice brief AJAX box were info can be filled into the
quick fields. Read more


nVidia won't support firewall issues

Wed, 04/12/2006 - 23:02

So here is nVidia Customer Support
website for customer's who buy their products to then find answers and
solutions. Well that is what I originally thought. I must admit that I
hate asking for tech advise from tech support. They never seem to have
the answers and is usually a waste of my time. But after spending
months searching for ways to uninstall the nVidia Active Armour
Firewall with no success I tried to turn to the folks that actually Read more

VOIP Example Layouts

Wed, 04/05/2006 - 15:29

About 6 months ago I was working with a client that was interested
in using VOIP to reduce the telco costs of his hotels. He had several
locations spread between two states and he also managed an IT business
in India.

I created a series of example layouts in MS Visio so he told
understand the various methods of implementation. First let's look at
the simple layout:

voip simple overview Read more