Why I don't like Apple's iOS

Mon, 11/22/2010 - 21:57

While I still use a Blackberry for work, I have been using an iPad and playing with my wife's new iPhone 4 for several months. I was very excited at first but there are a few things that just simply make it a no go for me.

  1. iPad can't multi-task. For an $800 tablet I should be able to switch from a website to email and back with out losing everything. Really no excuse for this other then they wanted it to be released early.
  2. iPad/iPhone can't send group emails. The lack of this feature just has me shocked. Just about every email I send needs to go to more then one person. In gmail and on my Blackberry I have groups setup making this very easy. On the iOS this takes forever.
  3. No Flash support - Its not a desktop replacement. I constantly have to email websites and notes to my desktop because I can't do many basic functions on my iPad.

Other frustrations

  1. Weak passwords. A four digit numerical pin is plain stupid. These devices have ALL of my secrets and Apple thinks a four digit pin is strong enough.
  2. Too many wires. I have to physically plug in my iPad to load or move pictures, videos or other files.
  3. No central files folder. Not only do I have to use a wire to load files those files have to be loaded to specific apps and those apps can't share their files with other apps.