Updated my Drupal software

Mon, 11/22/2010 - 21:32

Just finished upgrading my websites to the newest Drupal 6.19 and new modules. Happily I didn't run into any major issues or hang ups. This is great news since I am running about a dozen websites off of a single Drupal code base.

I did have to make one edit to get TinyMCE working again. After the upgrades Drupal couldn't find my TinyMCE installation. A quick of "The version of TinyMCE could not be detected" and I found the answer on Drupal's support forums.

  1. Find this file "sites/all/modules/wysiwyg/editors/tinymce.inc" and then search for "$line = fgets($script, 100);"
  2. Then replace 100 with 150. This tells Drupal to search more then 100 characters into TinyMCE to determine the version its using.

[I added the below since David Reid didn't find my simple fix post worthy]

It appears that many people are having this same issue; that the wysiwyg module as is won't work with TinyMCE. Its odd that this has not already been included as an update to the wysiwyg module. According to the forum the error has been going on for over a year but hasn't been fixed and I don't see a reference to this simple fix on the module page either. This is back to an issue I have had in the past, while the Drupal support community is fantastic the Documentation for Drupal is very poor and most "fixes" are assume you are a Drupal master that already knows half of the solution.