My top iPad apps

Sat, 08/07/2010 - 23:39

I'm getting an iPad for work so I can demo some of our new mobile technology. So I started some research into the apps I want to install on the iPad.

GateGuru - Where to eat and what to do while stuck at the airport.

Netflix - I already have an account so this will be perfect. Great way to watch movies during down time at the hotel or on a plane.

Pandora - I have this running on my Blackberry all of the time so its going on the iPad for sure.

News - WSJ, USA Today and the BBC.

Bloombery Mobile - For sure. I love this app on my Blackberry.

Wikipanion - This will be great way to check facts and do research on the go.

TweetDeck - Oh yeah. Something to do while stuck at the airport.

Google Earth - because sometimes to you can't see it for yourself.