This is a little lame. I got very excited when I saw the 'new' setting in my Google Voice account to "Activate Google voicemail for this phone". I would love an integrated way to have Google Voice catch calls made to my mobile, but I wanted to know how they did it first. But Google didn't explain the process; they made it seem like this amazing new feature when its actually the same call forwarding function you already had but with one addition... it stops the Google Voice Loop.

Not NEW - Activate Google voicemail for this phone

Here's my issue. All this does is change your "call forwarding" to your Google number rather then say at&t. This is a feature that every phone has and that people have figured out long before Google made a button for it. Using the term "Activate" and then "Deactivate" makes me think Google has control of the "call forwarding" process on my phone but it doesn't. Since this is a setting on the phone, Google as no idea if the phone is actually activated or not.

"We're excited to announce that you now can get Google Voice with a Google number OR with your existing mobile phone number." - Google's Blog

But Google hasn't addressed the one new feature that this actually added - the ability to send these forwarded calls directly to Voicemail without then ringing all of your other lines. Unfortunately this can only be used on the mobile calls and Google Voice only allows ONE mobile number.

Once activated this new Google Voice Setting appears

So all the "activate" setting does is 1) give you directions and 2) turn on a feature that should be on every phone by default.

Don't get me wrong, I like that they have made it easier to setup call forwarding by providing the carrier's codes. But the "setting" to go straight to Voicemail should be on every phone without activation and this "feature" for call forwarding should instead be presented as a tutorial on how to activate call forwarding and a disclosure should be presented that this will cost you minutes for all forwarded calls. Google Voice is an amazing service; but saying that "call forwarding" is a new feature is a little bit of a put down.