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Well this is supposed to be an online blog or at least it was once when I had a lot more free time. Now I have two little kids, corporate job, personal projects, a XBMC Raspberry Pi, and an ever growing list of house projects. 

So until I finish off all of the other things on my lists just follow me:


Stuff that isn't on Twitter or LinkedIn:

While growing up on a Texas farm I was always trying to understand how things work and why they operate the way they did. I constantly sought to find efficiencies and to improve the way I worked. I remember my grandfather telling me that only ‘lazy’ people try to optimize their workload, but now I know I was only trying to ‘Get Things Done’. Living in a small community did not limit me, nor my ability to learn. I gained an interest in wireless communications around 12 years old with Amateur Radio and by the early 1990’s I was sending emails from a wireless console using packet radio while driving in our truck. I also learned that I could request any book in the country through the InterLibrary Loan. It was like a Google search by postal mail, but it gave me a passion for reading and learning that I still enjoy to this day. Some of my favorite projects have been implementing an open-source VOIP PBX, setting up an XBMC media center on $40 Raspberry Pi computer, and most of all I just enjoy growing a concept into a full featured service. 

So far I have visited 92 cities in 7 countries. 

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