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Isaac Bowman (Resume/C.V.) is the editor, admin and pretty much the sole contributor for the website

13 years of experience as a technology sales consultant, with the past eight years specifically focused on Travel & Expense Management. I have consulted with local governments, federal agencies and Fortune 100 businesses with annual revenues up to $500 Billion. I have helped over 1,200 businesses use technology to manage global expenses and drive a successful business travel program.

 Over the past 8 years in business travel I have consulted on, implemented or worked for every major online travel booking tool in the world (GetThere, Deem, Concur, Serko, Amadeus’ eTravel, KDS, and ResX) and provided technical sales support for SAP Expense, Concur Expense and Deem Expense.

Well this is supposed to be an online blog or at least it was once when I had a lot more free time. Now I have two little kids, corporate job, personal projects, a XBMC Raspberry Pi, and an ever growing list of house projects. 

So until I finish off all of the other things on my lists just follow me:


Stuff that isn't on Twitter or LinkedIn:

While growing up on a Texas farm I was always trying to understand how things work and why they operate the way they did. I constantly sought to find efficiencies and to improve the way I worked. I remember my grandfather telling me that only ‘lazy’ people try to optimize their workload, but now I know I was only trying to ‘Get Things Done’. Living in a small community did not limit me, nor my ability to learn. I gained an interest in wireless communications around 12 years old with Amateur Radio and by the early 1990’s I was sending emails from a wireless console using packet radio while driving in our truck. I also learned that I could request any book in the country through the InterLibrary Loan. It was like a Google search by postal mail, but it gave me a passion for reading and learning that I still enjoy to this day. Some of my favorite projects have been implementing an open-source VOIP PBX, setting up an XBMC media center on $40 Raspberry Pi computer, and most of all I just enjoy growing a concept into a full featured service. 


So far I have visited 92 cities in 7 countries. 

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